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2019 Athlete Selection Criteria - as of 21 Dec 17
Critères de sélection de l'athlète de la FTC 2019 vF Mise à jour le 22 déc 17
2018 High Performance Athletes
Critères de sélection des athlètes Jeux olympiques de la jeunesse 2018

2018 Youth Olympic Games Selection Criteria
Critères de sélection des athlètes Jeux olympiques de la jeunesse 2018

Conditions for the selection of AAP Carded Athletes 2019

2017-2020 Major Games Criteria - Updated
Critères de sélection des athlètes de la FTC pour les Jeux d'envergure de 2017-2020

Sample yearly training plan
Qualifying Score Designation and Results form
            Formulaire D'Identification du Pointage de Qualification et des Résultats

High Performance Section Updates:

Announcing 2018 World Championships Eligible Athletes
Good Day All,
Attached please find the list of athletes who are eligible to compete at the 52nd ISSF World Championship All Events in Changwon, Korea.  As the SFC has been allocated a limited number of starting positions, entries will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. 
Please email the Technical Director, Susan Verdier, at sverdier@sfc-ftc.ca with your intention to attend or to decline participation in the 2018 World Championships no later than 10 am EST, Friday June 22nd, 2018.
Any athlete who wishes to compete in a non-Olympic event at the World Championship must first be a member of the High Performance Program in a recognized Olympic event.  50m prone rifle, 50m free pistol and double trap are the exception in 2018.
The High Performance Committee would like to remind athletes that the CAT Championship in Guadalajara MEX is the absolute priority for SFC High Performance Program athletes.  Please ensure that you focus all possible resources (vacation and money) on attending this event.  We cannot stress the importance of competing in the CAT Championship enough as it provides one of the best opportunities for Canadian athletes to achieve quotas in the shooting sports for both the Pan American and Olympic Games. 
Thank you.
Lisa Deneka
VP High Performance

Bonjour à tous,
Vous trouverez ci-joint la liste des athlètes admissibles à participer au 52e Championnat du monde toutes épreuves de l’ISSF 2018 qui aura lieu à Changwon, en Corée. Comme la FTC s’est vu octroyer un certain nombre de postes de départ, les inscriptions seront acceptées selon le principe premier arrivé, premier servi. 
Veuillez faire connaître votre intention d’accepter ou de refuser l’invitation à participer au Championnat du monde 2018 auprès de Susan Verdier, à sverdier@sfc-ftc.ca avant 10 h HE, le vendredi 22 juin 2018.
Tout athlète souhaitant participer à une épreuve non olympique au Championnat du monde doit d’abord être membre du programme de haute performance dans une épreuve olympique reconnue. Les épreuves de carabine position couchée, de pistolet libre 50 m et de double fosse olympique sont les seules exceptions en 2018.
Le comité de haute performance rappelle aux athlètes que le Championnat CAT, qui sera disputé à Guadalajara au Mexique, est une priorité pour les athlètes du programme de haute performance de la FTC. Assurez-vous de consacrer toutes vos ressources(vacances et financières) à la participation à cet événement. Nous ne pourrons jamais trop souligner l’importance de participer au Championnat CAT, car il offre aux athlètes canadiens une des meilleures occasions d’atteindre le quota dans les sports de tir, tant pour les Jeux panaméricains que pour les Jeux olympiques. 

Lisa Deneka 
Vice-présidente de la haute performance

Announcing 2018 High Performance Athletes:

January 25, 2018              


Below is the list of athletes who have successfully met the requirements for the 2018 High Performance Program at the National, Developmental and Junior levels.

2018 High Performance Athletes vF

Lisa Deneka

VP High Performance



Announcing 2018 AAP Card Recipients: 

January 10, 2018

Good Day,

The High Performance Committee is pleased to announce that the following athletes have been successful in their application for Athlete Assistance Program (AAP) carding support for 2018.

Cynthia Meyer (Trap)                     SR2

Elizabeth Longley (Trap)                C1

Lynda Kiejko (Pistol)                      SR

David Mosscrop  (Trap)                 SR

Richard McBride (Skeet)              SR

Kimberly Britton (Pistol)                C1 (8 months)

Lyne Tremblay (Rifle SH2)           SR  

Doug Blessin (Rifle SH2)             SR2

Please join me in congratulating these fine athletes.

Lisa Deneka

VP High Performance


2019 Athlete Selection Criteria - Update

December 22, 2017

To adjust for the new courses of fire for women as just approved and released by the ISSF and to clarify item 12 of the 2019 selection criteria, the HPC has amended the 2019 criteria. The affected areas and amendments are listed below.  We encourage everyone to read and review the entire criteria as available on the SFC website. 

Item 12. now reads: 

Athletes are expected to complete all courses of fire, including finals if applicable, in any cut score, team trials, or international match (including US selection matches) in which they are registered unless there are unforeseen circumstances (examples: illness/injury, equipment malfunction, match rescheduling)

This expectation extends to the Canadian national matches which may have multiple courses of fire that go beyond the HPTT criteria/designation of 2 courses of fire.

Items 22. National Team Ranking,  27. Development Team Ranking and 31. Identified Team Ranking have been amended to reflect the new courses of fire:

The scores from the two (2) complete courses of fire shot in each event at the HPTT/selection match held in conjunction with the Canadian National Championships shall be added together to produce an aggregate score. This aggregate score (without finals) will be used to rank all eligible athletes for each event.

In men’s Prone rifle, two (2) rounds will be used for High Performance Team ranking. When the HPTT is conducted at the Canadian National Championships and three matches are shot over two days, the first match of each day will be used for National Team selection. (N.B. items 12 & 16 of these criteria)

In Trap and Skeet events for both men and women, the first 250 targets shot during the Trials will be used to determine team ranking.  In the Double Trap event for men, the first 300 targets shot during the Trials will be used to determine team ranking. (N.B. items 12 & 18 of these criteria)

N.B. Full ISSF finals shall be conducted if there are two or more competitors in any given event.

Qualifying Scores

All score levels of affected events have been updated to reflect the additional shots/targets that are in the women’s events.  Score levels have been extrapolated based on the previously released criteria (ex women’s air rifle identified team = 400 for 40 shots, now is 600 for 60 shots). All new score tables are available for viewing in the updated 2019 criteria available on the SFC website.  

Any qualifying score matches completed prior to this announcement that produced a qualifying score based on the previous scores listed in the 2019 Team Selection Agreement will be honored.  We will revisit the scores at the end of the shooting season.


Lisa Deneka

VP High Performance & Chair of SFC High Performance Committee


2019 SFC Athlete Selection Criteria - Update December 22, 2017


What’s new in 2019 - Letter to SFC High Performance Athletes

November 13, 2017

Good Day Athletes,

Linked to this message is the 2019 Athlete Selection Criteria.  You will notice that major changes have taken place to the criteria in hopes of producing a strong and overall well-rounded High Performance Team.

New for 2019 is the addition of a third level in the team structure.  The Identified Team has been created to recognize up-and-coming athletes and encourage their participation in training camps as well as introduce them to the National Team coaches who will help guide them to success and support them in their journey.  It’s all about transitioning and supporting our athletes through their careers.

We are putting emphasis on the required submission of athlete training plans.  To aid you in developing your plan, we have created an Adobe Connect Webinar to help guide athletes and their coaches in the proper construction of an NCCP based training plan.  Please take advantage of the webinar.  All National Coaches will also be able to help guide you in your training plan.  As training plans are new to some athletes, we are extending the deadline for submission of the training plans to January 15, 2018.  This will give athletes the opportunity to build, adjust and finalize 2018 training plans with the help of their personal and National Coaches.  The only exception to this extension will be to athletes who are applying for 2018 AAP carding support.  Those athletes musts adhere to the deadline provided by the Technical Director, Susan Verdier.

Also new this year is the addition of another High Performance Team Trial (HPTT).  All athletes must attend both Trials as these make up 4 of the possible 5 opportunities to achieve qualifying scores for 2019.  The extra HPTT being held May/June 2018 (exact date TBD) is also the Phase 1 CAT Championships Trial event and the World Championship Trial event that is open to all 2018 Development and National Team members.  

I wish you all the best in the upcoming season.  Train hard and kick ass.  We have so many talented athletes in Canada, let’s work hard to let that shine through by having a successful year.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to send me an email at:  vphighperformance@sfc-ftc.ca


Qualifying Score Designation and Results Form

Competition Cancelation and Substitution

SFC High Performance 2019 Qualifying Score Calculations

Thank you.

Lisa Deneka,

VP High Performance

Building an NCCP Yearly Training Plan

?October 30, 2017

Hello Everyone,

The High Performance Committee is pleased to present an Adobe Connect presentation by Greg Sych on how to build your NCCP training plan.  Moving forward, training plans will be an integral part of the High Performance Program.  The Athlete Agreement that all High Performance Team members sign requires the submission of a training plan.  The problem that many face is the lack of knowledge on how to complete a proper training plan.  

The idea of this presentation is for Athletes to have available to them a source of information that they can access while building their plans.  Each training plan submitted will be forwarded to the National Team Coach in their respective discipline and must be signed off by the coach before any allocations of World Cups or eligibility to compete for major games quota spots is allowed.  This requirement has been part of the Athlete Agreement for quite a number of years, however, it has never before been enforced.  As such, we are extending the time limit on submitting the COMPLETED training plan to January 15th, 2018.  This will give each athlete plenty of time to work either independently or with the National Team Coach to assemble a working training plan. One thing that is important to remember is that training plans are living documents.  What you submit is not written in stone.  It is a guide to achieving success in the coming year.  Changes to the document will be required throughout the year and these can be made with the help of your National Team Coaches.  One never knows what the future will bring but like everything else we want to succeed in within our lives, always requires a plan.

Below is the link to the presentation on How to Build an NCCP training plan:

Please copy and paste the entire link...



Lisa Deneka

VP High Performance


Yearly Training Plan for SFC Athletes - Template