The Shooting Federation of Canada (SFC) is the national sport governing body for target shooting sports that encourages growth of the sports and produces and supports high performance athletes.

SFC values being:
ACCOUNTABLE to our members and stakeholders
Performing our roles with INTEGRITY
A DEPENDABLE provider and a LOYAL supporter of our athletes and members
MOTIVATIONAL for our volunteers
A Provider of EQUITABLE OPPORTUNITY for success
GOAL DRIVEN in our business

The SFC has a rich history and, like all sport governing bodies, we have transformed our focus over the years. As an organization, we are made up of volunteers, staff and members. It is our intent to strive to improve; our engagement with our members; support for our athletes, coaches and officials; and be an enjoyable and valuable organization to belong to. We will continuously clarify our responsibilities and endeavor to communicate clearly with our stakeholders and members so that they may find value in being a member of the SFC.

We partner and support many organizations across Canada and work synergistically with them to multiply all efforts to develop the tools and skills of target shooters, coaches and officials across the country. We also have other like minded sports that we do not directly represent but are a part of target shooting disciplines. We will work in harmony with these like minded organizations to contribute to a healthy base of target shooting athletes that may choose to enter the Olympic and major games target shooting athlete pool. All target shooting sports provide opportunity for the “Sport for Life” component for our athletes, officials and coaches. We also lead the development of the High Performance Program to support the personal development of a excellence in our target shooting sports which in turn stimulates visibility, inspiration and growth of the target shooting community.

As articulated in our guidance statement, we plan to achieve two ultimate outcomes:

1) Growth of the target shooting sports in Canada and 2) Support and produce high performance athletes. Through our executive’s planning we have identified that these outcomes can be achieved if we accomplish the following:
  1. Improve administrative efficiencies
  2. Improve funding level and increase sources of funding
  3. Increase information about the SFC and target shooting sports
  4. Complete and implement Long Term Athlete Development plan
  5. Increase the number of qualified coaches through training
  6. Recruit and retain National coaches for each discipline
  7. Increase the number of qualified officials
  8. Improve performance of a high performance and junior development athletes
  9. Increase training and competition facilities availability
  10. Increase quality of competitions
  11. Increase participation in target shooting sports
  12. Increase skill level of target shooters
  13. Produce clear transparent National and Development Team criteria