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Pistol target shooting is a very popular recreational activity across Canada and is the source of many competitive target shooting disciplines. Many of these different recreational target shooting events serve as direct pathways to the Olympic and Paralympic Games, to long-term sport participation and to Sport for Life.

Pierre De Coubertin, the creator of the modern Olympics Games, was an avid pistol shooter, and target pistol events have been at every summer Olympic Games since the birth of the modern Olympic movement (1896).

Here are the Official ISSF Pistol Rules.

For more detailed information please see the ONTarget pistol page, this reference page on Target Shooting Sports or, the various gateway pistol target shooting disciplines listed below.

In Canada, Olympic-style pistol shooting, colloquially known as   "Bullseye shooting" has been practiced for well over a century in clubs across the country.


The Gateways: Recreational and competitive sport target pistol events

Bullseye shooting (also called Precision Pistol), IPSC and CISM (see below) are the sport target shooting disciplines seen as the gateways to international competition.

SFC runs the popular, introductory Recreational Target Shooting Program and the Coast-to-Coast Championship in this format .

There are many other highly competitive target shooting disciplines not affiliated with the SFC that are enjoyed by Canadians, but each is unique and utilizes specialized sport target pistols. The SFC depends on these sports to identify talent and spot future Olympians.

The Olympic, Paralympic and ISSF World Shooting Championship target pistol events

The following events fall under the rules of the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF).

  • Air pistol - 10M
    • Women
    • Men
    • Mixed team
  • 25m Rapid Fire Pistol
    • Men
  • 25m Pistol
    • Women

Athletes with a disability (AWAD) compete in Shooting Para Sport in Pistol in the Paralympic Games

The following events are also included in the ISSF World Shooting Championships.

  • 50 M Pistol
  • 25M Center-Fire Pistol
  • 25M Standard Pistol

  • List of ISSF target pistol events
  • 50 M Pistol
  • 25M Pistol
  • 25M Rapid Fire Pistol
  • 25M Center-Fire Pistol
  • 25M Standard Pistol
  • 10M Air Pistol

  • Starting Olympic Target Shooting

    Want to train, compete or coach in a shooting discipline on the programme of the International Olympic Committee?

    We have been waiting for you. Join the SFC. Check out our Recreational Target Shooting Program and prepare to compete in the Coast to Coast Championships. Get your local club to start matches. Become a match director. Participate in regional matches and learn about the next  Provincial Championships in your province.

    Where to start Olympic Shooting?

    You can always begin by trying 10m Five-Shot Air Pistol (pdf) or Web page

    Are you a junior?


    Exemption Letters

    To qualify for a letter you would need to substantiate how you train, compete or coach. We recommend that you start training and competing as soon as possible (And remember track your progress!) Need a coach? Register here.

    Start going to Matches

    Find what is going on at the SFC Calendar.

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