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Target Shooting Tools

In addition to shooting equipment, a notebook and training journal, consider these helpful resources.

  • Avianna’s TC ISSF Match Timing Training Systems. Various tools to simulate electronic targets and other useful products and tips.
  • Cibles Canada Targets: a broad range of products related to competitive shooting. Also provides great servicing of Feinwerkbau, Morini, Hammerli, and Steyr
  • Training Plan SFC bilingual training tracker spreadsheet. (Copy sheet into Google Drive and share with your coach.)
  • Kurt Thune Training Allows practice even though you are not at a shooting range
  • Shooting Finals (Apple Store only)
  • Target Scan Turn your smartphone into a Target Scoring System
  • Seconds To help build and respect your shooting rhythm - you can build your own intervals 
  • Rules Link library of ISSF rules
  • Guide ISSF Athlete's Handbook
  • Scoring Modern Scoring Systems and Deciding Scoring Issues


You can now use Google Drive to automatically share your training plan with your trainer.

If you know of other useful applications, please share them with us: operations@sfc-ftc.ca

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